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LFK Global Technology Services was born as a result of the growing demand for IT services that ensure the correct functioning of IT systems. It was established thanks to the unity and the effort of a great team of professionals, the same effort and determination that has positioned us as one of the leading companies in our sector. With a guaranteed commitment, maximum quality and demonstrated efficiency, LFK Global Technology Services offers its clients R & D solutions that always add value to their products and services.

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At LFK we work for a wide variety of clients from both public and private sectors. We have a dedicated team of experts working with a unique goal: to innovate to boost your business.

Our analysts and experts will offer a comprehensive technological service dealing with the real needs of companies from different sectors and dimensions.


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Rocío Maldonado Technical Manager at BASF Iberian Area

At BASF, we already have over 8 years of collaboration with LFK, both in hardware management and support of our internal software for our clients of the Refinish area. In this time, they have always shown a great interest in going deep into the particularities of the business, proactively and with a high degree of commitment.

Alejandro Ortiz Key Account Manager at BASF Coatings Solutions

In my field of responsibility,  I always rely on LFK as a partner to provide service to an important client. Determination, proactivity and creativity when looking for solutions to complex problems are a common denominator in our relationship with LFK. Both Juan and his team are always commited to deliver optimal results for our projects. Faced with challenges with different options, I am totally convinced that they always contribute with objectivity and criteria.


Esther Morate Aftersales Department at BMW Ibérica S.A.

In all these years working with LFK, they have proved to be an excepcional team of people with a close and friendly treatment with their clients. They are a company formed by great professionals, always ready to help and commited to find solutions to issues in the quickest and the most effective way. No doubt, they are a team of professionals that always offer a quick, precise and high quality service.


Julio Ballestero CEO at Glasball
LFK is our partner for all the IT-related matters that affect our clients. The LFK Cloud and Remote Support services are the main points of cooperation with them, as well as many other services they provide. Their professionalism and good work allow us to focus on our daily work reducing costs, resources and time-scales. In order to be successful, we always count on their cooperation on all our projects, including future ones. Not doing so would be a mistake we must not make.
Iñigo Aguirrezabala Area Manager at Tempel S.A.
After years of work and collaboration with LFK, I regard them as a highly professional firm, always committed to offering the best service in all their projects and putting their outcomes ahead other things, for their customers. This way, besides having a high technological qualification to undertake any kind of technical integration and development project, I consider them a Trusted Partner.
Estefanía Alonso Marketing Department, Pinturas Principado

Very good communication and efficacy. Excelent quality-price ratio. The delivery was very quick and as well as obtaining order details and the stashipment tracking. 


Luís Torres Head of Laboratory at Salerm Cosmetics, VMV Group

Very good attention and technical advice given during the purchase and the installation of our ATEX computers.



We aim to offer our clients a complete range of products and services to assure their needs in the use and control of their IT systems


LFK is formed of specific teams for each area, as a means of achieving maximum efficiency and quality in our customer service


We seek quality, both for ethical reasons and because we are sure that a good service is the most effective way to achieve customer loyalty


We want to be leaders of all our services and in all the markets and sectors in which we operate. This is the way all our partners should identify us


We want to optimize the use of our resources, which implies, amongst other factors, pragmatism and flexibility. We believe in both maximum objectivity when selecting our personnel and ongoing training. We can only offer the best service if we have the best professionals


We seek to bring the solutions closer to the problems in order to achieve the maximum agility in our management and the adequate use of the capacities of the whole organization


We offer specific solutions for both SMEs and large companies, with the aim of contributing to their development and expansion. LFK is present in the following sectors: