LFK patents an innovative thermolectric cooling system

LFK Global Technology Services patents an innovative thermoelectric cooling system for ATEX industrial computers.

It is a new active non-heat exchange cooling system consisting of:

  • A temperature sensor: it allows a constant measurement of the internal temperature of the industrial computer.
  • A control board: it regulates the desired temperature range inside the equipment and activates the cooling system when necessary.
  • Active cooling system: When the temperature sensor reaches the maximum temperature set on the control board, the cooling system is activated and likewise, when the temperature sensor reaches the minimum temperature set, the cooling system halts.

This system allows to maintain the inside of the industrial computer at an optimum temperature range for its operation, regardless the ambient temperature of the working environment. This prevents errors due to malfunction such as unexpected shutdowns due to high temperatures, hardware faults (hard drives, power supplies, etc.).

This technological advance makes it possible for LFK Global Tecnology Services industrial computers to be among the most powerful and reliable devices on the market.

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